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Are you facing Bigpond login issues? If you do then understand that such problems can be due to a variety of reasons. These reasons include the email user forgetting the password or there are viruses or malware in the PC system. Login issues are prevalent if the email account is hacked. Irrespective of the type of login issues that you are facing, the thing that you can do is get in touch with the Bigpond customer care using the Bigpond email help number. The customer care team comprises of professionals who are skilled in fixing login issues irrespective of their complexities.

Bigpond email help number

Bigpond email help

Common Login Problems and Solutions-

This blog discusses, in brief, some of the common login issues along with their solutions. Following are some of the login issues and their respective solutions:-

1. Password is Forgotten

Forgotten passwords imply that email users won’t able to log in. To resolve forgotten password issues the email user does not require to use the Bigpond email help number to contact the customer support. There remains a link “Forgotten Password” that guides the email users to reset the user password. The process of resetting the user password is simple and it involves a few steps. However, in this regard, it is important to understand that while doing the password reset the email user needs to have access to his or her alternate email id or recovery phone number. It is because the link to reset password hits the alternate email id and the email user requires that to be able to reset the password.

2.Viruses or Malware

Malware and viruses are a threat to the PC. There are bugs and malware that secretly collect user login credentials and then use them to the user’s disadvantage. It is important to address such issues as early as possible. By installing and using an effective antivirus and antimalware software program the email user can expect to get rid of harmful viruses, malware. There are available a variety of viruses and malware online. The email user has to choose the one that does not affect the working of the email application. In this context, the email user can get in touch with customer care using the Bigpond Webmail help number.

3.Email Hacking Issues

Email hacking issues are common among Bigpond users. Such issues arise if the email user is careless about the handling of their login credentials. Before addressing critical email hacking issues it is to understand the common symptoms of hacking.

Following are listed some of the symptoms of email account hacking:-
  • If an email account is hacked then the user won’t be able to login to that account.
  • A hacked email account prevents the email-user to send or receive emails.
  • If an email account is hacked then that email account can be used to send spam emails.
  • Hacked email accounts are often suspended for their being spammy.
  • If you are facing email hacking issues then try to reset the password. This is the most simple way to deal with a hacked email account. However, the email user needs to have a recovery email or a recovery phone number to receive the link for resetting the password.
  • While creating a password it is important to make it strong and unique. A strong password is one that contains a string of characters, integers and special characters. Often a hacked account that is used to send spam emails eventually gets suspended. If such things occur then it is important on the part of the email-user to get in touch with the customer service using the Bigpond email help number.
4. Bigpond Webmail Not Correctly Configured

Bigpond login problems can arise if the Bigpond webmail is not correctly configured. To configure the Bigpond webmail account it is advised to use the tips that are provided by the customer care team. You can reach the customer care of Bigpond using the Bigpond email help number.

5.Browser Not Compatible

If web browsers are not compatible with the web application then email issues can arise. In this context, it is always advised to clear the cache, delete cookies, clear history to ensure that browser errors don’t appear.

There can be a variety of Bigpond login problems and for resolving them, visit the customer service using the Bigpond customer service number.

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